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The Rustin Lorde Breakfast was founded in 2002 by Craig Washington then executive director at the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Center and Darlene Hudson who was a Board member. Darlene and Craig were  members of the Martin Luther King, Jr. March planning committee and knew that the March was very welcoming to LGBTQ attendees. Given this receptivity to lgbtq people and the Center’s proximity to the line- up site, they decided that a breakfast event would 

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They named the community breakfast after the most well known gay activist associated with the civil rights movement, Bayard Rustin, principal organizer of the 1963 March on Washington and a mentor/advisor to Martin Luther King Jr. In 2008, at the suggestion of Mary Anne Adams, Audre Lorde’s name was added to  symbolize the indispensible roles of women in social justice movements. The event would not have been possible were it not for the support of key founding sponsors Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Center, AIDS Survival Project, AIDS Treatment Initiatives, Congregation Bet Haverim, EM Designs Group, Human Rights Campaign, In The Life Atlanta, Positive Impact, Radial Café, Southern Voice, Unity Fellowship and ZAMI.

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resonate well with many.  They felt that attendees would appreciate the       opportunity to share a warm meal and learn more about the roles of women and LGBTQ people in the Civil Rights movement.

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