Southern Unity Movement was founded to build a more unified Black LGBT community through advocacy, education and recreation. The Southern Unity Movement will provide leadership development, intergenerational advocacy and cultural activities promoting Black LGBTQ history and culture.

The work of the Southern Unity Movement is to build a more unified Black LGBT community through advocacy, and cultural education that fosters

multi-gender, intergenerational participation. The Southern Unity movement will provide leadership training and cultural education resources in collaboration with community partners. This work is necessary to enhance the agency and well being of people who are Black and LGBTQ or otherwise gender/sex non-conforming in the South.   

The Rustin Lorde Breakfast – SUM will continue to produce the annual Bayard Rustin/Audre Lorde Breakfast which honors namesake icons, celebrates progressive community, and supports organizers, artists and others actively involved in social change work.

Leadership Development - SUM will organize leadership training activities to enhance the capacity of community organizing and advocacy.

Intergenerational Bridge-Building – SUM will develop activities and spaces shared by individuals across different generations to foster mutual understanding and promote the cross-generational exchange of wisdom. 

Elder Investment - SUM will collaborate with LGBT senior advocacy groups to increase support for LGBT elders of color through advocacy, research, and coalition building.

Cultural Work  – SUM will provide cultural activities and support for artistic expression to inspire, exchange ideas, highlight issues, and prompt action.

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